Logistics tracking

Hello, dear customers.
We process orders between Monday and Friday. The order will be produced and shipped in the order of payment. The order will be processed within 1-7 working days after the order is placed, and the order will be shipped the next day after processing. Please note that we do not ship on weekends (if you mind the length of time, please place your order carefully).

After the order is shipped, an email will be automatically sent to your mailbox, please check it carefully. The e-mail will contain the logistics number of the shipping order. It can be used to query the logistics details of the order.

Because of the impact of covid-19. Logistics may be delayed. You can check the logistics details two or three days after receiving the mail. Secondly, because it is an international logistics, it is recommended to use trackdog.com to query the logistics details for more accuracy.

Finally, thank you customers for your purchase! ! ❤❤