Heartbeat💓 & Sound🎶

What could be more heartwarming than a "Heartbeat" baby that fits perfectly into your embrace? After all, there's nothing better in the world, especially when you can feel the heartbeat of your little sweet and her charming voice! Now you can capture this memorable moment with "Heartbeat" Baby, a Real Soft Touch® lifelike doll created by Reborndollco® that "makes sounds" and has a "heartbeat".

Bring you the value of irresistible dolls. Exclusive to Reborndollco®, this lifelike doll has hair hand-crafted from Real Soft Touch® vinyl Soft skin and a Soft cloth body that can be fully posed to add realism. She has a soft baby powder fragrance that feels like a real baby in your arms. 

In addition, the Heartbeat doll has a variety of different series to satisfy your favorite, each comes with a cute set of clothes, bottles and pacifiers. Strong demand is expected and you won't want to miss it.BuyNow