When will my ring ship?

Pure/Obsidian Carbon Fiber Rings: 1 week
Glowstone Rings: 8-10 weeks
Opal Rings: 6-8 weeks
Meteorite Rings: 6-8 weeks
Gold Rings: 8 weeks
Mokume Gane Rings: 6-8 weeks
Superconductor Rings: 6-8 weeks
Timascus Rings: 6-8 weeks
Trustone Rings: 4-6 weeks
*Our current lead times are estimates and can be advanced/delayed due to a variety of factors including but not limited to - material availability, labor availability, and order volume. We will do our best to fulfill the above lead times and will notify you if we are unable to.*

Where do you get your meteorite?
All of our meteorite is currently bought from meteorite dealers that we find either through eBay or that we know through personal connections. We use real meteorite that does have a tendency to rust over time.

How does the glow work?
The glow comes from strontium aluminate which is a natural crystal powder that glows after being charged by UV light. It is nontoxic and glows brighter and longer than copper activated zinc sulfide which is one of its most popular competitors.

How do you charge the glow?
The glow can be charged in two ways. The first and fastest is using a strong UV flashlight. The ring can also be charged with sunlight although it takes a little longer.

How long do glow rings glow?
Glow times depend on a few factors. The first factor is the charge. If charged for a long time in sunlight or with a powerful UV light, the ring will glow brightly for several minutes and have an afterglow that lasts a few hours. The ring is rechargeable for at least 10 years.

What is Damascus Steel?
Damascus steel is created by combining strips of either iron and steel or two different kinds of steel. They are then heated and forged to create a new stronger steel. The material then looks like normal steel; however, if it is placed in an acid bath, the acid will eat the different combinations of steel at different rates creating a unique pattern.