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www.motorfuelfilter.com is a U.S based company and supporter of US Veterans and First Responders. We bring firearm enthusiasts the absolute best in solvent trap cleaning solutions. All of our solvent traps are configurable, adaptive, durable, lightweight, affordable, and constructed of high-grade materials. Our innovative design is designed to permanently absorb solvents during the cleaning process of the gun. wixsolventtrap.com offers customizable product lines, such as our advanced solvent trap tube kit and adaptive solvent trap kit. In the event of damage during transportation, we only sell a complete kit, including threaded mounts, end caps and additional storage cups.

And Wixsolventtrap.com is expanding its sales territory across the nation and is seeking motivated sales managers and existing businesses to display and sell our products at gun shows and other events.

Choose us, choose to protect the environment.Our solvent trap cleaning system allows the user to safely clean their firearms mess-free during a competition, or while you are watching TV in your living room.No more dangerous chemicals dripping out of the barrel contaminating the environment, staining your floor, or worse burning your skin.